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What I Miss Most After Having a Baby

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Hello again Mommies and Friends!  I wanted to share with you the first guest post of several that are to come.  I am so thankful and appreciative for the support and am excited to share this post.  I’m sure there are plenty of mommies out there that will be able to relate.  Enjoy! 


What I Miss Most after Having a Baby

I am a couple years out from having infants in the house. We started taking down the babyproofing gear over the summer. It was a bittersweet feeling, knowing that my youngest is now potty trained and I am officially diaper free. Then again it felt great to no longer have baby gates or door locks in my house.

Having my youngest was the greatest gift ever. 2013 was a tough year for my husband and me. My husband almost lost his job, we had babysitter issues that caused me to lose my job, and my grandmother passed away prior to his birth. We made many sacrifices, but looking back, those sacrifices paid off toward better opportunities. After Greyson was born, most of those worries went away. He brought joy and hope to our family, and we couldn’t be more blessed.

Now that he’s three, I reminisce about those baby years. Each milestone he encountered was bittersweet, because I knew those moments were going to be the last. No more first words or first steps. We don’t have many late nights. Those missed moments give me baby fever, but I simply visit my friends for those baby fixes. At least when my fix is fulfilled, they can go back to their parent.

Here are a few more milestones that I miss from baby’s first year:

-The Cuddles

My boys have so much energy, that cuddling on my lap is extinct. I miss rocking in my glider with them, singing or humming softly. I also miss them crawling onto my lap for a few minutes before bedtime routines begin. If they had an off switch for energy, I would gladly take the cuddling moments back.

-The Fresh Baby Smell

Not just the fresh-from-the-hospital smell. The type of smell that they have after their lavender bath. The fresh powdery smell from their lotion touching their soft skin. How they smell so clean, that you want to give them 2000 kisses after bathtime. That’s the smell I miss

-Baby Shopping

My friends all have children who aren’t babies anymore, but I sure miss going baby shopping. Nothing made me feel so excited for babies like holding up those tiny sleepers, or buying those small diaper packs. It was a bittersweet day when I walked the aisles one last time for the final pack of wipes before Greyson was potty trained.

-Late Night Feedings

I loved waking up at night for feedings. Those late night feedings were the best times for bonding. It was quiet. It was also when the other boys slept instead of begging for attention. That was also when the best cuddle sessions occurred.

-Their Very First Milestones

The moments like watching them dream, their first smiles, and roll over for the first time. I miss watching them rock before crawling or fall on their bottoms after a couple of independent steps. I cherished those moments while I could, but Greyson was a quick learner. Each time my boys fight over something, I try and think back to the times they laid in their swing and slept.


For those with brand new babies, cherish those small moments. The milestones may seem like no big deal right now. Or, you might be sick of your fifth all-nighter, but those phases pass. It seems like yesterday when I had my youngest, but now I would love to have one more day to rock and cuddle with them.


“Tyane is a lifestyle/food blogger at BoyMom  She was born on the West Coast but raised and lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. She is a wife to her college sweetheart and a busy mom to four boys. Along with blogging, she works from home as an administrative assistant. When she has free time, she enjoys cooking and baking, reading, writing, wine tastings, football season, all things coffee, and spending time outdoors.”





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