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The 4 Worst Things About Having a New Baby

The 4 worst things about having a new baby

Hello again fellow mommies and friends! I am back with another guest post for you from a dear friend of mine.  This is a great point of view that not many parents will admit. Enjoy!


The 4 Worst Things About Having a New Baby


Do you smell that?

Spit up, baby soap, and milky, kind of sweet yellow poo –the smells of a new baby.

As a little girl I would rock and sing to my dolls, wondering when I would have my own baby to hold. I thought there could be no greater joy, and there isn’t.

But having a newborn is still difficult.  Here are the 4 worst parts about having a new baby that no one wants to talk about.


  1. Your body is Messed Up

The new mother arrives home wearing huge pads that feel like a diaper. No matter if you had a C-section or girly-bits-birth, you still bleed for what seems like forever. I surely enjoyed not having to deal with my monthly duties while pregnant, but the bleeding after birth seems to make up for all those missed months.

Plus, your boobs turn into giant sized fruit, and just as hard. Whether you’re breastfeeding or not your milk still comes in.

And it hurts.

I do breastfeed. There was a point when my milk was stuck and I just wanted to sob. I was hot and uncomfortable. My daughter fed, but not enough. Her feeding only seemed to stimulate milk production..

Also, your nipples get sore. Sorry, but they do.

Yet, it all gets better with time.


  1. Exhaustion

After I brought my son home someone asked me, “How do you feel?”

I answered, “Tired but happy.”

This is still true today.

I spent 18 hours in labor with my firstborn. Contractions started just after I went to bed. I let my husband sleep while the pain slowly became stronger and by the morning, I woke him. It was time to go.

That was the first night of many sleepless nights.

A mother spends hours in agony, gives birth, and then must take care of her child on no sleep. It never crossed my mind when pregnant that I would begin motherhood without a good nights rest first.


  1. Family Visits

I have never been more proud than each time I’ve introduced my new baby to family and friends. My smile stretched ear to ear. I loved watching them ohh and aww over the most stunning baby in the world (Yes, I am biased!). You could see their hearts melt with love. They were moments to cherish.

Yet, each visit is work.

I was lucky. Each of my visitors was very caring, generous, and wanted to help in any way they could. But I still had to shower. And do my hair.  There is nothing wrong with not getting ready. I know my family and friends would have understood.

But that is not me.

As soon as the baby was asleep I prepared. I showered, (!) braided my hair (I was not going to straighten it), and put on make-up (all of it!). This doesn’t seem too hard except it took ages because as soon as I would start one task, the baby would wake up.

Every time.


  1. Life Moves On

Family visits are great and hard, but harder when everyone leaves. Your life has been turned upside-down. You have grown a whole new heart just to accommodate the love for your newborn child. Your days and nights are still out of wack, yet everyone else moves on. Life goes back to normal for them, while you must figure out your new routine.

The first time my husband walked out the door to go to work, I felt a bit frightened. He really thought I could take care of this tiny person by myself?

Could I?

It surprised me how fast I became used to taking care of my son. It was only minutes after my husband left that I was comfortable. I’m sure it’s not like this for everyone, but I was happy my instincts kicked in.


Life with a newborn is hard, but I wouldn’t change a moment of it. Sometimes you have to go through difficult times to enjoy the joy.  I would go back in a moment if I could just see my tiny babies once more. I do miss their cute toes, little butts, and sweet gummy smiles.


Life with a newborn is the hardest thing most people will ever do.


It is also the best.


Congrats, Maribel!


“Jewel is a mother of two lovely children and a self-taught writer. She has a site where parents who love to write can come together to share their fiction and parenting tips. Life is filled with stories. What’s yours?” Visit jewel at to read her stories and share yours. 



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