5 Things I Will NOT Miss & 5 Things I WILL Miss About Pregnancy

Missing Pregnancy

I am so thrilled to have my first guest post by such a special woman.  Jewel Eliese is a sweet and loving woman, wife, and mom to 2 little ones.  She is a lover of writing, in which, she enjoys making short stories and writing about motherhood.  You can find Jewel on her blog at  She is also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

5 Things I Do Not and 5 things I Do Miss About Pregnancy

Even before the stick magically shows a blue line, happy face or plus, a woman can’t help but wonder what pregnancy would feel like. What does it feel like when a baby foot kicks you from the inside? What will you crave? What is it like to be a walking watermelon? You imagine yourself smiling, rubbing your belly and glowing from the inside out. Soon you realize pregnancy is not entirely full of joy.


Here are 5 Things I Will Not miss about Pregnancy.


  1. Peeing All The Time

You may have heard about this symptom or seen it in the movies, but running to the bathroom all the time is no joke. It’s a real pain. I once told my husband it really does feel like someone is sitting on my bladder, and I wasn’t even showing yet.


  1. Trying to Get Comfortable at Night.

Getting one of those big, poufy pillows that wraps around you helps a ton, but even then you still have to shift your belly into certain positions. Rolling over is like having a skyscraper on your midsection that sucks the breath out of you as you turn. Then, once you are asleep, you have to pee. See number one.


  1. Turning Myself Into a Pretzel to Shave My Legs. (Yes, I still tried to.)

Even if you aren’t pregnant in the summer there are days when you want to get those uncomfortable pinpricks off your legs. Sometimes you just want to feel like a woman again instead of a fat baby stroller. The shower becomes your nemesis. Try as you might there are almost zero positions to stand in to get around your belly and down to your ankles to shave. That first time shaving after pregnancy feels easy breezy.


  1. Fear

I will be honest. The fear NEVER goes away. It just transforms. There were times when the baby was still and I would poke my belly until she moved, holding my breath until I felt a kick. You can’t see the baby in you, which sometimes worried me. Then the baby gets here and you find yourself feeling if her chest is moving, or waking up after three hours of sleep (a lifetime) to see if the baby is ok. I haven’t got there yet but I can bet I will worry about teenagers, too!


  1. Being a Walking Time Bomb

At the end of my pregnancy with my daughter I would walk up the stairs and mother-in-law was waiting and wondering. I just shook my head, confirming no contractions yet. People would call and ask how I was feeling which was a subtle hint at, any baby yet? Or the less than subtle questions from people like my mom, haha. Everyone wants to know the status of your lady-bits. It’s a bit unnerving. I found myself singing The Final Countdown.

Those early days are tough, but they are so worth it. It is a magical time that lasts forever, yet not long enough. Here are 5 Things I Will Miss.


  1. Tiny Baby Kicks

This is the one that every pregnant mother waits for; the first time you feel your baby.  I was teaching an English class in a foreign country when I felt my son. It felt like a finger poking me once, slowly from the inside. Or like slow popping popcorn. It was amazing. There were times when my husband and I would simply lay down (the best position to feel baby early on) and be in awe over how our little soccer player jumped around. It is another moment when you realize this is real. There is a person inside of me.


  1. Imagining Who is Inside You

Pregnancy gives you strange dreams. I once dreamt my daughter had curly blond locks and was running around at six months old. Your baby is in your thoughts always. Will she be a brunette? Redhead? Will her eyes could be blue or green? Maybe she will look like me, but probably daddy, ha! It’s the greatest mystery and there is no healthy way to rush it. You just have to wait, and it’s great. It’s cliché but all you truly want is for your baby to be healthy.


  1. The First Ultrasound

My first ultrasound with my daughter was our very first doctor’s appointment. It’s strange. You are introduced to your gynecologist then he or she feels you all over. It’s like, “Hello. Whoa!” But it is all worth it, because then they pull up your shirt, stick that warm goo on you and you see your baby creepy person-shaped fish swimming around in you.  Then you hear the heartbeat. That happy swoosh, swoosh that you hear in your head like a song for months after.


  1. Telling Family and Friends

With my little girl we decided to wait until the 12 week mark to tell friends and family. It felt so long. But it gave us time to decide just how we would tell everyone. We went with ice, ice… and showing my belly. It was fun watching them figure it out. Almost no matter how you do it (when pregnancy is a good thing!) it is a lot of fun. The pure joy of that appears on their faces is wonderful. Memorable.


  1. Being a Walking Time Bomb.

While is true it can be hard being a walking time bomb, it is also great. You know that at any moment you might experience signs baby is coming. With each tightening of a Braxton Hicks contraction you wonder, “Is this it? Is baby coming?” The days spent wondering if baby is healthy and what your tiny human will look like are finally about to end. Soon the time bomb will countdown to one.


You can’t wait.



Pregnancy can be an extremely difficult time, but it goes as fast as childhood. We have to do our best to stop for a moment, breathe, thank God for this miracle and try to remember each moment forever.


The good, and the bad.





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