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Life After Having a Newborn

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I’m sure people have asked where has Maribel “Handmaidenmommy” gone?  It seems like I dropped off the face of the earth.  Well, I kind of did.  I recently had a new baby girl.  So, for the past month I’ve been loving on her and tending to my other 3 babies.  Before that, I was in some serious nesting mode and spent time rearranging my house and getting ready for the baby.  So, I just wanted to update you all and share how life is over here after having a newborn.


Life After Having a Newborn


When a baby is born, it is always imagined to be the most precious time that you can experience.  Now, don’t get me wrong, the thought is right….it is the most precious time, but there’s a behind the scenes to it that new mom’s, especially, don’t know about.

After our baby girl was born, we had to make some adjustments.  My kids had to adjust to a little person being around and mommy giving a lot of attention to her.  My three-year old didn’t mind because she wanted to be my helper from day one.  My two-year old was in awe of the baby, but still looked for my attention by getting into things she knew she shouldn’t.  Now my one-year old, he’s a different story.  He was fascinated with his little sister, but periodically would get mad when he saw me holding her.  He also would become protective of her, but then wanted her away from me.  It was an emotional rollercoaster with him.  Now, a month later, they are all used to her still being here and have adjusted pretty well.  My boy is still very attached, so I just make sure to include him in as much as I’m doing as possible.  I try to love on him as much as possible.

I had to adjust to not being able to do the chores in the house that I was used to doing.  I wanted to sweep, mop, vacuum, wash clothes all in the same week of delivery, but I couldn’t.  It was so hard.  I remember the day after I got home, I tried to vacuum our rug, and I was so worn out.  Thankfully, I had some amazing family and friends come and help us that first week.  If it wasn’t for them, I don’t know how I would have functioned.  I also had to adjust to new sleeping patterns.  I have always been a night owl, but being a night owl, and having your sleep broken are two different things.  I was used to going to bed so late, I couldn’t shut down at an early time.  So, I was going to bed late and then getting my sleep broken.  Now that weeks have passed, I’m pretty much adjusted to being woken up after I fall asleep.  I still go to bed late at times, but it isn’t too bad.  We, as moms, learn to sleep two hours and function for the day.  When we sleep three to four hours it is like the most exciting feeling.

My hubby, bless his heart, had to adjust picking up everything I couldn’t do.  He has been used to it since we’ve gone through this three other times, but it was still an adjustment.  Him having to work and then come home and do it all wasn’t the easiest task.  He took it on and was amazing.  Today, he’s able to relax a bit more because I’m better and can do more.  He still does the big duties, like lifting heavy objects, taking out trash, etc.

Life after having a newborn is precious, but there are some major adjustments that have to take place.  For us, it is a bit more intense because it isn’t just my husband and myself, but it is us two plus our four little ones.  I feel great in body, thank God, but I’m still adjusting to getting back into the groove of everything.  I have to redo my routine in how I manage the kids and the house.  I have to relearn how to throw clothes in the washer in between breastfeeding the baby and making lunch for the kids.

So, friends, that’s what I’ve been up to.  I’ve been adjusting to my life after having a newborn.  I haven’t written on the blog, but I plan to soon.  I have so much to share now that the baby is born.  So many things I’m learning as I go.  In the mean time, while I am in my restructuring phase, there will be some guest posts for you all to enjoy.  I appreciate these folks for coming through for me while I tend to my family.

With All Love,



How has life been after you’ve had a newborn?  Please share experiences and how you adjusted in the comments below.  We can all encourage and learn from each other.  

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2 thoughts on “Life After Having a Newborn

  1. There you are!! This post is great info specially for new moms as you said. Even for mothers in the childbearing years. Adjusting to a new little person, and still have to function as expected for the others is challenging!
    Having other little ones can overwhelm you as a mommy, but just as you did, one will pull through it. The help of family, is crucial to this phase. Thank God for older sister being a hands on helper and hubby going the extra mile ?
    Love on your babies, rest when you can, and praise God for His goodness towards you. Looking forward to the next blog.

  2. This was so detailed very well thought out! Go, blogger mommy!!! YAS!

    So glad you all were able to adjust, I’ll use this as a reference when my mommy days come…maany..many..maannnyyyyyyy years from now, haha.

    One thing I will say, from being in a large house and seeing this process countless times, family is everything. The adjustment can be challenging, but when everyone pulls together, it makes the process easier. Also, preparing for changes ahead of time can help, both parties. So much can be said on this topic, but you did a wonderful job. I’ll be looking forward to the next on. P.s You should d a blog about your birth experience. heheh

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