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How The Look of My Child Changed My Life



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Life can be very fast paced which means we miss a lot of little things in life.  Well, I will never forget the day my child gave me a look that changed my life.  A look can be a very small and simple thing, but for me, on that day, it meant the world.

You see…..a lot of people don’t understand me or my family.  They don’t understand why we live the way we live and above all, why we have children so close in age.  Some days, it became very overwhelming because of all the tension and pressure.

That all changed on this one day….

We took the kids to a small park not too far from my parents house.  There were plenty of parents, grandparents, and kids to fill the whole playground.  It was nice because everyone was laughing and having a good time.  My girls were having a blast running around and going up and down the slide.  While they were having their fun, I took the baby on the baby swing.  Of course, the girls wanted to come too.  So, here we all were on the swings.  It was great.  The only problem was I felt the eyes…..the eyes of the people sitting at the table behind me staring and whispering.  When I looked back, I could tell they were trying to figure me and the kids out.  Not just because it was me and the three kids, but it was me, the three kids, and my showing pregnant belly.

As I turned back from looking at the people, there stared at me the most beautiful baby on the swing.  My son was swinging and just gave me the most precious look.  It was a look as if he were telling me that all that was important to him was me being there with him.  Then I looked at my girls, and they were laughing, looking at me to keep pushing them to giggle some more.  I kept looking at them and the baby.  He kept giving me that look of admiration and love.

At that point, I forgot about the people.  I forgot about them staring and whispering.  I enjoyed my kids and laughed with them.  I played and ran with them as if we had no cares in this world.

Now when I go somewhere and people look and whisper, I just look at my kids.  They never fail to give me those eyes of acceptance, admiration, and love.  They are the only ones I need to focus on…not the eyes of people.  As long as my babies look at me, I will be perfectly fine.


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4 thoughts on “How The Look of My Child Changed My Life

  1. So encouraging, and true! I used to be so amused by the comments asking if we knew where babies come from because we had three under three. To me, it is amazing that people have enough time to worry about what another parent is doing. I couldn’t imagine life any other way. Keep up the good work, mama!

  2. Loved this post. 🙂 I felt that it was vulnerable and also sweet. Kids have a way of making this better. They’re truly a gift from God.

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