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A New Baby

A New Baby


Welcome back to the series of guest posts! Enjoy this mama’s story as she shares her view of having a new baby.

Maribel had a baby.

Most Moms of older kids can’t help but be a bit envious.  We think of the newborn stage of our own kids.  That special, falling in love stage.  That sleep-deprived, begging the child to take a nap so you can take a shower stage.  That totally dependent, skin softer than anything in the world, full of new baby smells and sounds stage.  It’s exhausting, but beautiful.

I miss it and I don’t.  I sometimes think how wonderful it would be if we could travel through time at our whim.  Today, I want to spend the day with my son when he was 3-years-old, and my daughter at 3-months-old.  Tomorrow, I’ll spend the day at my son’s first preschool Christmas program.  The next day, we’ll live in the present.  But, alas, it can’t be done.  We must live and be joyful in the present, and preserve and cherish the memories.

During that first year of life, we are so intimately involved with every detail of our child’s life.  They change enormously.  We think there is no way we will forget the details of the day-to-day, the cute things they do and the new noises they make.  But of course, in time, some of those details do slip away.

When my son started preschool, I was so excited for him.  He loved being around other kids, but didn’t have many opportunities.  I looked forward to hearing his stories of how much he loved it.  But, when I would ask him about his day, he was very tight-lipped.  He had a life away from me, that he wasn’t sharing.  The more I pressed, the more annoyed he got with me, and the less he shared.

Now, he’s in first grade.  He’s gone all day long with other people, having experiences I’ll never know about.  He tells me quite a bit now (maybe because I’ve learned not to press so much), but certainly he doesn’t tell me more than he tells me.  Homeschooling Moms’ experiences are surely a bit different, but they, too watch their children become more independent.

When we’re pregnant, we must endure everyone’s pregnancy and birth stories.  If you told me your story while I was pregnant, don’t be offended.  I do it too.  I’m doing it right now with my children’s newborn and growing stories.  It’s what we Mama’s do.  It is because it is so very special, and such a very short period of time that we get the privilege of spending with these little people – an extraordinary love and time that starts when they are in the womb.

Maribel has other children, so she already knows about these changes – the tension of wanting our children to stay babies and the satisfaction and knowledge that they are growing up as they should.  I want to tell Maribel to embrace this time, but I suspect she already knows this.

So, I have no advice or words of wisdom – just an appreciation for this new life that has added to and changed Maribel’s family.  A new baby.  A new lifetime full of blessings.

“Karla is a wife and Mom of two, who works outside the home.  She writes about everything, with the aspiration of giving some inspiration.” Find her at

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