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Hi you all…I’m Maribel!  I’m a wife and a mommy to 3 gifts and am expecting our 4th gift this August.

I was originally born in Wisconsin to Hispanic parents, but was practically raised here in the sunshine state of Florida.

I love to laugh, spend time with family, and organize! I think I actually have an obsession with organization.  If I could buy planners, pencils, notebooks, storage bins, filing folders, and anything else with organization, all the time, I would.

I started Handmaiden Mommy because I wanted to share my journey and experiences with other wives and moms that either are just starting or just need encouragement in their season of life.  I also want to shine the light that childbearing is a blessing and not a burden.  I believe strongly in my life and body belonging to the Lord and letting Him use me in whatever way He will…..I’m referring to childbearing because I’ve been having a baby every year now.  Hehe!

I pray that you find encouragement and hope as you visit this blog and join the journey with me.

 If you want to contact me for any reason you can find me on Facebook, Instagram, or e-mail me at handmaidenmommy@gmail.com

Be blessed,




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